National Leadership Groups (NLGs)

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the 2018 meetings?

The NLG meetings in 2018 are on:

  • Thursday 8 March & Friday 9 March
  • Thursday evening on 17 May & Friday 18 May
  • Thursday evening on 16 August & Friday 17 August
  • Thursday evening on 8 November & Friday 9 November

What happens in the meetings?

A typical meeting starts bright and early on Friday morning with a plenary from the National President and National Secretary.

The majority of the day is then spent in sector groups, discussing the big challenges in education and creating a plan for how to make change.

At the end of Friday, the sector groups join together to share the discussions from the day and their actions going forward.

After the meeting, it’s also expected you’ll meet with your local Area Council.

Does my employer know I’m attending?

If you’ve talked to them then, yes, they will know.

NZEI Te Riu Roa also sends a letter to your employer at the start of the year requesting release for you to attend the NLG meetings. If they haven’t received a letter or require another one, please contact

If you’re attending the meeting on behalf of another NLG representative, please contact us and we can arrange a letter to be sent to your employer.

When will I know the agenda?

The agenda is formed two weeks before the meeting by the NLG conveners. There is always a bit of to-and-fro to confirm the agenda, book in the guest speakers, and to make the format easy to read. We aim to email the agenda to you at least one week before the NLG meeting.

We all have great ideas now and then so if there’s anything you’d like to include on the agenda, then chat with your NLG convener.

I can’t make the meeting, what should I do?

If, for whatever reason, you’re unable to attend the meeting, then:

  1. Talk to your Area Council Chairperson or Lead Organiser to arrange for a replacement person to go. The replacement person will need to contact us to arrange their travel
  2. Let your convener know you’re unable to attend and the name of your replacement
  3. Let know

If you don’t have enough time to find a replacement, please contact as soon as possible. With enough notice, we can reschedule your flights for the next meeting.

When do I find out about flights, shuttles, and accommodation?

Flights are usually booked 4 to 6 weeks out from the meeting. Accommodation and shuttle details are usually confirmed at least 2 weeks out from the meeting.

If for any reason you need to make contact with us regarding your travel prior to the meeting, please email

If there’s a hiccup on the day of your travel, your first port of call is Tandem Travel. Their contact number is 0800 222 271, and you’ll also find it on the top of your travel booking. They’re the experts in resolving issues mid-journey.

What do I do if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

If there’s a hiccup on the day of your travel, your first port of call is Tandem Travel. Their contact number is 0800 222 271, and you’ll also find it on the top of your travel booking. They’re the experts in resolving issues mid-journey.

I haven’t been emailed about my flights yet, who do I need to contact?

Flight details are emailed to you around 4 weeks before the NLG meeting. These travel details are sent to you directly by Tandem Travel. If you haven’t received your flight details, contact

A useful way to see if your flights have been booked is to download the Air New Zealand app. If you have your Airpoints number recorded on our travel profile, you’ll flight will appear in the app automatically once they are booked.

How much luggage can I take?

Since this is an overnight trip, you’re booked on a seat only fare. That means you only have carry-on luggage to a maximum of 7kgs. To save yourself a kerfuffle at the airport, we’d suggest packing-light.

I have a special travel request, what do I do?

Please contact at least one month before the NLG meeting. We will endeavour to meet your request, within reason. If your travel has already been booked, you may be required to pay for the cost of the change. We will not pay for additional accommodation without prior agreement.

How do I claim for expenses and reliever costs?

These are the forms you use to claim for reimbursement of expenses and reliever costs.

Please ensure all relevant sections of the form are completed. All GST receipts need to be attached to the expenses claim form. Likewise, you need to include proof of relievers costs, such as the school SUE report, with the reliever claim form.

Send your forms to NZEI Te Riu Roa, PO Box 466, Wellington 6140 within 60 days of the event and no later than the 20th December in any given year.

What expenses can I claim?

As with any NZEI Te Riu Roa event, members should not be out-of-pocket for their union mahi.

While attending NLGs, you can claim for the following:

  • mileage if driving
  • parking costs
  • Travel to and from your home airport
  • Meals, except those arranged by NZEI Te Riu Roa
  • A reliever for while you are at the meeting

The current allowances are (effective from 1 January 2017):

Personal Vehicle Use Per Kilometre $   0.62
Meal Allowance – Breakfast Actual per day cost up to $ 20.00
Meal Allowance – Lunch Actual per day cost up to $ 12.50
Meal Allowance – Evening Meal Actual per day cost up to $ 45.00
Daily Allowance – Overnight* Actual per day cost up to $ 14.00
Daily Allowance – Day Trip* Actual per day cost up to $   7.00


* Please note either the day trip or overnight allowance may be claimed (i.e. not both) for any day. Which one is claimed depends on whether staying overnight.

As NZEI Te Riu Roa is registered for GST, please provide relevant invoices or GST receipts to allow us claim back the GST. GST does not apply to mileage and daily allowances.