1. Click the button below to go to the election page
  2. Log-in using the Voter ID and Voter Key on the back your lanyard
  3. Make your vote
  4. Click submit

Note: The election page will open in a new window and will only be available while voting is open.

All voting links are provided below. The election for Senior Executive Member will only be held if the current president is re-elected (as described in scenario two on Sunday).

Select one person for National President.

Select one person for Senior Executive Member. This vote will be held if the current President is re-elected as National President. This vote will not be held if a new President is elected.

Select one person for National Vice-President.

Select one person in each sector for the early childhood sector, primary teaching sector, support staff sector, and school principal sector

Select four people for General membership.

Need help voting?

If you require assistance while voting, please see the NZEI Te Riu Roa staff at the polling station at the back of the hall.

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