Discussion in Area Councils


In the previous session, you've condensed your thinking into three big challenges. In this session, we're going to combine our thoughts to identify the three big challenges for our Area Council.

Break Out Rooms

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Session plan

The objectives of this sessions are to:

  • identify the top three challenges from the conference you'll tackle as an Area Council
  • determine your first step to tackling these challenges post-conference.


The plan for this workshop is:

  1. Around the room are pieces of chart paper labeled Build, Grow, and Win. Write your three challenges from the previous session on post-it notes (one challenge per post-it note). Stick these challenges onto the corresponding chart paper.
  2. Divide into groups around each piece of chart paper. In your group, summarise all of the challenges into one or two main challenges. Articulate this challenge in one sentence or question ready to report back.
  3. Report back the challenges between groups.
  4. Break into sector groups and answer the following questions: If these are our challenges, what can we do? And what will I do as my first step to overcome this challenge?
  5. Report back the first steps between sector groups.


This session will be led by your Area Council Chair or an Area Council leader. They may choose to run the process differently than outlined above. What we develop here will be bought back for Branch and Area Council planning.

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