Table leaders are selected by the National President to help facilitate discussion at Annual Conference. This page explains the role and responsibilities of a table leader.

Your role as a table leader

Table leaders play an important role in NZEI Te Riu Roa's Annual Conference. You have three key roles in helping the conference run smoothly:

  • Facilitate the discussion at your table and encourage everyone to contribute
  • Support people to focus on their role as action-oriented NZEI Te Riu Roa leaders
  • Record the table discussion, where required

Table leader instructions

Some sessions during the conference have a specific job for table leaders. This job may include recording notes on behalf of the table, submitting questions for a Question and Answer session, or posting a photograph on behalf of the group.

When you see this icon, there is a specific job for table leaders during the session.

As an effective leader, you'll also know to delegate these jobs to others at the table!

Facilitating Conversations

Asking questions is an important skill when facilitating table discussions. If you're stuck for words, try this handy framework to get your table thinking. The framework helps you form questions.

The questions in the top left-hand corner are relatively simple and useful for starting discussions. Questions in the lower right-hand corner are more difficult and great for challenging participants.

Framework for effective questioning

This framework is adapted from Sharples, Jonathan, Rob Webster, and Peter Blatchford. "Making Best Use of Teaching Assistants Guidance Report - March 2015." Education Endowment Foundation.

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