Honours lists

NZEI Te Riu Roa recognises those members who have given distinguished or outstanding service to education and/or the Institute.

Honours are made on behalf of the union by the National Executive, and announced at each Annual Meeting.

Life members

Life members of the NZEI Te Riu Roa

Newton, W H 1924
Low, D W 1925
Macdonald G W C 1925
Hall A J C 1933
Penlington H F 1933
Andrews Elsie 1936
Parkinson H A 1939
Valentine J A 1942
Aschman C T 1949
Combs Frank L 1951
Garry F A 1951
Robertson C 1952
Magill Margaret E 1953
Mcglashen R 1958
Hayward, Vera A 1960
Pryor D C 1961
Forsyth D 1964
Ashbridge George R 1969
Hercus Leslie R 1974
Wiseley, Clifford E. 1976
Hunter, Hugh M 1977
Garvey, John G. 1978
Simmonds, Edward J. 1979
Moore, J Keith. 1981
Mckenzie, John L. 1981
Smith, John E. 1985
Norman, Roy A. 1986
Dynes, Brevat W 1987
Stewart, David F. 1988
Rutherford, R.J. (Jack) 1993
Kelly, Bruce W 2003
Duncan, Helen P 2004
Rikihana, Hapimana Toby 2005
Noonan, Rosslyn 2006
Ward, Darrell 2015
Noble, Bill 2015
Cooper, Irene 2015
Honorary fellows
Special Service Award