Guide to Accounting for Annual Conference 2019

The purpose of this guide

This document provides guidelines to accounting for Annual Conference that is being held in Rotorua from Sunday 29 September to Wednesday 2 October. The guidelines apply to all registered conference attendees, Komiti Pasifika, Aronui Tomua, Branch and Area Council.

Change in progress

From this year onwards, the process for submitting cash advance requests and expense claims is changing from paper-based to online. While National Office will process initial cash advance payments and post-conference expense claims, this will not change the final split of costs between National Office and the relevant Komiti Pasifika, Aronui Tomua, Branch or Area Council as determined in the post-conference "wash-up" process.


Please refer to the link below for the related timeline and FAQs for the change

Please click the links below to submit online forms:


Form A: Cash Advance Request
The due date for submission is 15 September 2019

The payment date is 24 September 2019


Form B: Annual Conference Expense Claim
The due date for submission is 15 October 2019

Payment is made within 2 weeks of receiving the claim