These workshops are focused on the areas of work for NZEI Te Riu Roa. They include campaigns, projects, and 'how to' workshops.

You will have the opportunity to sign out of these workshops on Monday and Tuesday afternoon.


NB: The Accord workshop is now in Breakout Space 8 (previously scheduled for Breakout space 13)

List of Workshops

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Workshop Descriptions

The GERM is still lurking...(especially in Assessment and Data)

Breakout Space 1

Data based accountability hasn't gone away. We want to make sure we are free to use assessment practices that support teaching and learning. Others want to use data for other reasons...This workshop will look at what we and what 'others' are doing right now!

Making the most of social media

Breakout Space 2

Share and discuss the best ways to engage friends, whānau and the wider public with our campaigns and issues on social media

Design Thinking

Breakout Space 3

Design thinking is a human-centered approach for creative problem solving. Come along and learn design techniques for tackling big challenges.

Did you enjoy this workshop? Check out the one designed by Standford Design School. They also have a number of resources and tools you can use as an educator. (They host their resources in the right-hand column of their website).

Engaging New Educators in Union

Breakout Space 4

We will explore how local branches/members can use New Educators Network | Te Kupenga Rangatahi kaupapa to engage those new to the profession in union activity.

Early Childhood Education fair funding, fair pay

Breakout Space 5

The Government says it is committed to 100% qualified early childhood teachers. We know tamariki deserve this and we know they are worth investing in. Come and explore how we will make all this happen!

Recruitment Conversations

Breakout Space 6

In this workshop, we will draw from Member knowledge and experiences to practice recruitment conversations. From those conversations we'll identify the steps, and we'll then use those steps to create your own recruitment framework as a group.

The Accord

Breakout Space 8

What is in the Accord? What do we want to achieve through Accord work? How will we achieve it?

NB: The Accord workshop is now in Breakout Space 8 (previously scheduled for Breakout space 13)

Tackling Racial Discrimination

Breakout Space 9

Our recent Health and wellbeing surveys clearly show the impacts of race based discrimination. We want to address this in a meaningful and long-term way. This workshop will look at the plan and how we progress it.

Planning campaigns and action

Breakout Space 11

Use some simple tools to plan successful campaigns. We'll look at what has worked and how we apply it to future campaigns and projects.

Learning Support Action Plan

Breakout Space 12

Ensuring learners with additional needs get equitable access to education that came through strongly in the 2018 Education Summits. The draft "National Education and Learning Priorities" (NELP) now open for consultation reflects this. This workshop will look at what is happening in your setting already that advances these priorities, what opportunities and challenges the NELP might create, and what priorities we could advance collectively over the next year.

Support Staff Making a Difference

Breakout Space 14

The workshop explores how, by building their strength, School Support Staff can marshal the political, professional and industrial support needed to achieve significant and sustainable change through Pay Equity / Mana Taurite.

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