These workshops promise to be exciting! Members have stepped up and volunteered to run workshops on a variety of interesting topics.

You will have the opportunity to sign out of these workshops on Monday and Tuesday afternoon.

List of Workshops

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Workshop Descriptions

Te Reo Mihi: Personifying our environment

Breakout Space 1

Presenter: Raewyn Himona

Birds in greeting, thanking people. For all levels.

Becoming a social media ninja

Breakout Space 2

Presenters: Jordan Shallcrass; Zara Jackson; Sharon Jane

Building our confidence and knowledge to engage with members, non-members and the public via social media.

Membership Engagement Initiatives (MEI): Developing an Action Plan

Breakout Space 3

Presenters: Stephanie Hartill; Lizzy McAlinden

An open forum where delegates can take some time out to share their experiences and expertise with each other as well as explore some common challenges they face in relation to membership engagement. Members will take away some tangible practical strategies and an Action Plan to put into practice, leading to increased branch engagement and membership participation.

Workflow wonders for busy teachers.

Breakout Space 4

Presenter: Bill Boyes

Using Google spreadsheets for everything

Pasifika Culturally Responsive Practice

Breakout Space 5

Presenters: Karl Vasau and Caroline Mareko

This is an "Hour Of Power" workshop. We cover what is Pasifika?, Who are Pasifika? Why is Pasifika important? Who am I/ ko wai au? What is Talanoa? What are Pasifka values and what is Tapasa? ... We do this because we are all about sharing our knowledge and helping others realise they have the knowledge already ...

Creating learning spaces and classroom cultures that are welcoming and culturally responsive for Pacific children and families

Breakout Space 6

Presenter: Angie Malae

The Pacific Toolkit is a box of easy-to-use, grab-and-go activities and visual resources. The activity sheets are not lesson plans, but rather starting points for teachers to ignite their inspiration.

While this toolkit will have multiple uses in the classroom, the central aim is to provide teachers with easily accessible, ready to go activities that will help them to provide the culturally responsive classroom that all of our learners deserve.

Hands on learning with supporting activities that can be carried into building your classroom foundation with a Pasifika understanding and knowledge. Also sharing of the National Fono 2020.

Relievers/Part-time Teachers

Breakout Space 7

Presenter: Chris Stuart

The workshop would be designed to respond to the multiplicity of questions all relievers have in regards to pay, subs, contracts, tenure and part time teaching. As an outcome of this conference, we want every reliever member in NZEI Te Riu Roa to know that their place, is recognised and that their knowledge, expertise, background, contribution, and diversity to be valued and respected.

How to use visual supports in the classroom / centre with young people needing learning support

Breakout Space 8

Presenter: Zac Markham

The focus of this workshop would be targeted at learners with Autism however the shared strategies could be used across a multiple of learning contexts and environments. Specific targeted areas for participants would include Brain development and how this impacts on specific learners in the centre/class SPELL model and how this relates in professional practice including the reduction of anxiety and challenging behaviour. Content includes specific visual strategies and how these can be used in any learning environment, predictable programming, visual sequences, social narratives and how to use these when teaching specific skills with students. It will also look at evidence about how visual strategies can show progress of students.

Creating digital videos to fuel a campaign

Breakout Space 9

Presenter: Adriana Maroc

The workshop would be about how to use iMovie to make videos or music videos to create a visual to show what you are doing as a branch or within the school. These videos could be used for social media, just to show at branch meetings or to further interest in future campaigns

Support Staff Kaiawhina Tautoko - What's in my agreement?

Breakout Space 10

Presenters: Sue Page; Monique Jansonius Albers, Jane Macdonald

Explore your collective agreements through a fun quiz-based workshop; knowledge is power!

Support Staff Collective Agreement


Breakout Space 11

Presenter: Jessica Brown

I am researching teacher workload specifically the appraisal process. While we are waiting for the accord to be enacted I think it is important for teachers to understand what the legal requirements for actually are for appraisal and what they look like in practice.

Culturally responsive pedagogy

Breakout Space 12

Presenter: Jo Collyer

How Pākehā/Palangi teachers can use Tātaiako and Tapasā to inform culturally responsive practice.

Inclusive Branch Meetings

Breakout Space 13

Jeanenne Milne

Patea/Waverley Branch have changed three of their meetings annually to include the opportunity for all its worksites (ECE, Primary and the Area School staff) to meet at gatherings. This initiative was begun to increase recruitment, retention and give collegial support. It has led to more people being actively involved in Branch meetings and events.

Whakamana tangata through waiata and haka

Breakout Space 14

Presenter: Kaareen Hotereni

We will be learning a medley of waiata mihi from around Aotearoa and a haka. Nau mai waiata mai, haka mai.

Members supporting community issues

Breakout Space 15

Presenter: Barney Manaia

AT Tamaki members supported whanau at Ihumatao . Their action was connected to Kaitiakitanga and our environment policy. The AT were involved in practical and manageable ways: hui at meals; korero brief and focused; incorporation of zoom; face to face once per term; collaboration with other sectors; linking to Iwi initiatives...

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