Tech buddies support people to get online during Annual Conference. This page explains the role and responsibilities of a tech buddy.

Your role as a tech buddy

Tech buddies have a pretty awesome job to support people during Annual Conference. The two main parts of the role are:

  • Helping people to get online and access the conference website
  • Supporting people to find information on the conference website

Connecting to the WIFI

Instructions on how to connect to our wireless while at the Energy Events Centre. Follow the instructions below to set up your access to the Energy Events centre WIFI Network.

PC Setup

  1. Double click the wireless icon in your status tray
  2. Click View Wireless Networks
  3. Highlight Energy Events Centre
  4. Click Connect


  1. Click on Start button, (click Settings,) select Control Panel
  2. Double click on Network Connections or Network and Internet Connections if you are using Category view
  3. Right click on your wireless connection in network connections
  4. Select View Wireless Network Connections
  5. Highlight Energy Events Centre
  6. Click Connect

Once connected to wireless

  1. Open up your browser i.e. Windows Explorer, Firefox etc
  2. An Events & Venues log in page will open
  3. Enter your guest user name (case sensitive) - NZEI
  4. Enter your password (case sensitive) - 2019
  5. Click log in

Please note the following

  • Guest user name and password is cap sensitive
  • 3 failed attempts and you are locked out for 5 minutes
  • There is a time out period if it is not used, you will need to re-open your browser and log back in.

Conference hashtag

For those tweeting the conference, or posting photo's on Facebook, the conference hashtag is #NZEIconf.

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