Workshop: area discussions


The purpose of this session is to reflect on the speakers and discussions as an Area Council, think about how things fit with the big strategic ideas, and begin to formulate your plans and actions.

List of Area Councils

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The Area Council chairs have developed the following questions:

  1. Thinking about the speakers and our commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi. What are three  things that we will do in our Area Council/ Aronui Tomua/ Branch/ Komiti Pasifika that would have the biggest impact?
  2. What can we do to be more inclusive and cater for our diverse membership?
  3. What are the opportunities that have arisen from what we have heard, seen and felt that we as an Area Council/ Aronui Tomua/ Branch/ Komiti Pasifika will embrace?


In addition to the above questions the Climate Change group has set a challenge:

  1. How might we mobilise our NEN network around climate change?
  2. How might we internally change to reduce our carbon footprint?
  3. How might we work with local iwi on the what is happening and how we support Branches, Aronui Tomua and Komiti Pasifika to do this?
  4. How might we identify and engage in local climate change events and actions?
  5. How might we track progress on this work?

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