Your role at Annual Conference

Annual Conference is the most important gathering of NZEI Te Riu Roa leaders.

This year for Annual Conference, the theme is Whakamana Tāngata. As an outcome of this conference, we want every member in NZEI Te Riu Roa to know they have a place in the union. For their knowledge, expertise, background, contribution, and diversity to be valued and respected. The people who attend annual conference have a role to enable this to happen.

At Annual Conference, 400 leaders from all across Aotearoa New Zealand will:

  • shape the policy and direction of NZEI Te Riu Roa in the Annual Meeting sessions
  • explore the challenges and opportunities of being inclusive.
  • strategise and plan the pathway forward to overcome these challenges and make the most of opportunities, and
  • put these plans into action to make a real difference in people's lives.

Your Area Council or Branch will also brief you on your role and responsibilities before Annual Conference.

Flights and transfers

For those people travelling to conference by plane we're using Ritchies Buses to shuttle you from Rotorua Airport. Look up your flight number then, when you land, keep an eye out for Ritchies! (The flight numbers are for the flights coming into/out of Rotorua. So if you're catching 2 flights, please look at your second flight number, and your first when leaving)

We've booked the following:

Saturday 28 September

Pick-up from Rotorua Airport

  • 11:45am  NZ2582
  • 1:50pm  NZ8234
  • 5:00pm  NZ8148

Sunday 29 September

Pick-up from Rotorua Airport TO Rotorua Energy Events Centre

  • 11:00am  Wellington Charter
  • 11:45am  NZ5782

Wednesday 2 October

Pick-up from Rotorua Energy Events Centre TO Rotorua Airport

  • 11:05am  NZ5785
  • 12:15pm  Wellington Charter
  • 2:30pm  NZ5787
  • 3:00pm  NZ8235
  • 4:15pm  NZ8156

Baggage transfers

For those arriving by plane on the Sunday, there will be a place to store your baggage at the Energy Events Centre. The Ritchies bus will take your bags to the Hotels! So please ensure you clearly label your baggage.

You will be given the following baggage tags:

  • Millennium - Green Tag
  • Sudima - Orange Tag
  • Novotel - Yellow Tag

Network breakfasts and dinners

Networks, sectors, and regions often organise their own breakfasts and dinners to get together and explore the challenges and opportunities in education. More opportunities are advertised on the screens during the breaks of Annual Conference.

Guide to Accounting

Form A: Cash Advance Request
The due date for submission is 15 September 2019

The payment date is 24 September 2019


Form B: Annual Conference Expense Claim
The due date for submission is 15 October 2019

Payment is made within 2 weeks of receiving the claim


The Guide to Accounting provides guidance on the Annual Conference allowances, GST receipts, and claim forms.

Leave from Annual Conference

It is expected that representatives attend the whole of Annual Conference. Sometimes, however, there are reasons why you may need leave from Annual Conference.

There are formal procedures to be followed when you apply for leave from the Annual Conference and all requests must go before the National President.

Apply for leave using the form below. Once completed, we'll contact you about your leave application.

Connecting to the WIFI

Instructions on how to connect to our wireless while at the Energy Events Centre. Follow the instructions below to set up your access to the Energy Events centre WIFI Network.

PC Setup

  1. Double click the wireless icon in your status tray
  2. Click View Wireless Networks
  3. Highlight Energy Events Centre
  4. Click Connect


  1. Click on Start button, (click Settings,) select Control Panel
  2. Double click on Network Connections or Network and Internet Connections if you are using Category view
  3. Right click on your wireless connection in network connections
  4. Select View Wireless Network Connections
  5. Highlight Energy Events Centre
  6. Click Connect

Once connected to wireless

  1. Open up your browser i.e. Windows Explorer, Firefox etc
  2. An Events & Venues log in page will open
  3. Enter your guest user name (case sensitive) - NZEI
  4. Enter your password (case sensitive) - 2019
  5. Click log in

Please note the following

  • Guest user name and password is cap sensitive
  • 3 failed attempts and you are locked out for 5 minutes
  • There is a time out period if it is not used, you will need to re-open your browser and log back in.