During Annual Meeting, which forms a part of the annual conference, members have the opportunity to propose resolutions. These can be resolutions to change the rules of the organisation, amend the organisation's policy, or to take a stance on an issue.

What happens

In the months leading up to Annual Conference, we put out a call for resolutions.

All resolutions need to be sanctioned by the National Executive or a meeting of an Area Council, Branch, Aronui Tomua or Komiti Pasifika.

You'll need to prepare some documentation:

  • supporting arguments for why your resolution should be adopted
  • projected costings

You have until three months before Annual Meeting to get your resolutions into the National Secretary. He will then forward each resolution to branches two months before Annual Meeting.

The National Secretary may choose to establish a Resolutions Advisory Committee (AMRAC). This committee will consider all resolutions received, and may contact the those sponsoring the resolution if there are duplications, or in cases where the intent of the resolution is unclear, or where the information is incomplete. AMRAC's work enables the debate to run smoothly, and facilitates discussion about the recommendations.

At Annual Meeting, members will discuss and debate each resolution, and vote on whether to pass it.

How to make a resolution

Complete the resolution form (Word, 21 KB) and send it to

Resolutions to amend the rules

If your resolution is to amend or repeal a rule, your resolution should begin like this:

"That Section ___ of the Rules of the New Zealand Educational Institute (Inc) be amended by..."

Resolutions to amend policy

If the purpose of the resolution is to define new policy the resolution should begin with:

"That NZEI adopt as policy…"

If the intention is to amend existing policy it should begin with:

"That NZEI policy be amended…"

and include a reference to the existing policy.

If the intention is to direct action on existing policy then the resolution should begin with:

"That action be taken..."

If the intention is to direct Executive or Members to strong feelings on some topic the resolution should begin with:

"That it be noted…."

If you need advice

If you have difficulty wording resolutions or are unsure if the matter being put forward is either already policy or counter to existing policy, National Office staff are ready to help. Write to for advice.

Resolution form

You must complete this form for your resolution to be considered.