Mark Potter


Nominated for:

  • Vice President
  • School Principals

Relevant skills, attributes, and qualifications

I have thirty one years of experience as a principal in rural to urban schools, teaching principal positions and walking principal positions.

I am a passionate advocate for social justice for all children to have their right to an education met, especially those with disabilities. I am a member of the Education for All Forum (advocating for access to schools for all children). This forum brings together disability communities and professional bodies such as NZEI, PPTA and NZSTA to lobby the MOE to address the basic human right to an education that is no available to all children in our country. Fundamental to the aims of the forum is that the people who make the most difference for children must be properly resourced.

Our work force of early childhood teachers, support staff, teachers and principals are a world leading innovative education system. In my view NZEI Te Riu Roa is the best professional organisation to support all our membership in achieving equity for all people working in the education sector.

I am a good communicator, public speaker and innovative when working with colleagues on the matters that count for our children and the people who work with them.

My skills have developed through collaboration with colleagues in education, social services and community members. Listening to all partners and ensuring everyone's voices are heard is essential to developing powerful partnerships.


NZEI Te Riu Roa Experience

I have twenty-seven years of experience in member support for members from early childhood to secondary schools. First as an industrial advocate and then as a MST member as the roles have developed in NZEI.

As a National Executive member, I have served two terms, the most recent as the Principals' Representative. I am involved in supporting area council activities, visiting members in worksites in early childhood centres, primary schools and Ministry of Education Learning Support. I frequently support NZEI campaigns and views in interviews with the media and represent National Executive at various Paid Union Meetings.

My work in NZEI has included providing advice to schools considering forming or join a community of learning. I also represent NZEI on a variety of work groups with the Ministry of education including the Covid-19 Learning at Home Reference Group a Learning Support Reference Group and the Teaching and Learning Work Group. I am the NZEI's rep in the Governance Committee of the Teachers Refresher Course Committee. I have also presented on behalf of NZEI at conferences in Inclusive Education and school leadership. Most recently on a webinar for UNESCO to an international audience. I have been lucky enough to present at conferences overseas on community led development and the value of developing support staff professionally.


Other background and personal information

I am married to Tess Casey and have three grown up sons. I have been in the teaching profession for thirty five years. I am currently Principal of Berhampore School in Wellington.

In addition to my work with my school and NZEI I am; Co-chairperson of Wellington City Strengthening Families LMG, a board member of Inspiring Communities (a national organisation promoting and supporting community led development) and a trustee on the Autism Intervention Trust.

Nominated by Wellington Branch.