Tahia te Marae

Viewing Hui-ā-Tau


Hui-ā-Tau is hosted as a webinar using Zoom.

If you are using a laptop or computer, you can use your web browser or the Zoom App to access Hui-ā-Tau.

If you are using a mobile phone or tablet, download the Zoom App for Mobile to access Hui-ā-Tau.

To assess quorum for the meeting and for voting on resolutions, be logged into Zoom on your own device for Hui-ā-Tau.


If it's your first time attending a Zoom Webinar - Zoom has prepared a helpful resource you can use.

Voting on resolutions

Voting on resolutions will happen via Zoom Poll. To vote, be logged in to Zoom on your own device using the same email address that you registered for Hui-ā-Tau.

When the motion is put, the Zoom Poll will appear on the screen. You'll have 1 minute to vote before the poll closes.

If the Zoom Poll is challenged or is too close to call, the vote will be repeated using Election Runner. In this case, you'll be emailed a voting log-in and password to vote again on a different platform.

As a comparison, the Zoom Poll is the equivalent of voting by raising your speaker number at in-person Hui-ā-Tau. Election runner is the equivalent of a paper vote.

Adding your name to the speaking list

During Hui-ā-Tau, the chairperson will open the speaking list. The speaking list is your opportunity to speak to Annual Meeting by asking a question or sharing your thoughts.

If you'd like to speak, complete the form on the Annual Meeting website when the chairperson opens the speaking list. Select your name and whether you'd like to speak for or against a resolution. To ensure a balanced debate, the chairperson will choose a range of perspectives to speak.


If called to speak by the chairperson, you'll be invited to become a Zoom Panelist so that you can be seen and heard. When called to speak:

  • You'll see a notification on your Zoom asking you to become a Panellist
  • Turn on your camera and microphone
  • The chairperson will then invite you to speak
  • Once you have spoken, your camera and microphone will be switched off.


Please make sure your Zoom name matches your name, so that we can easily find you when asking you to become a Panellist. You might choose to add your Branch, Aronui Tōmua, Komiti Pasifika, iwi affiliation, and/or preferred pronouns to your Zoom name too.


We'll soon release more information about how you can further engage in the meeting, such as raising a point of order, challenging the chairperson's ruling, making a motion that the question be put, making a motion to proceed to the next order of business, or proposing a new motion or amendment.

Find the speaking list form on the Meeting Agenda page

Select your name from the list. If you start typing your name, it will appear faster.

Select if you are speaking for or against the motion, or if you'd like to raise something else.

If you are raising something else, select a point of order, a motion that the question be put, or a motion to proceed to the next business.

When asked to speak, you'll be moved from an attendee to a panellist.

When called to speak, turn on your camera and microphone.

Once you've spoken, you'll become an attendee again.

Click on the dots to progress the images (or swipe left and right on your mobile device)

Voting in National Executive elections

When voting for the National Executive Elections opens, you'll receive an email with your Voter ID, Voter Key, and a link to the voting page.


Click on the link to the voting page and log in using your Voter ID and Voter Key.

If you don't receive the voting email, you can click the voting link on the Hui-ā-Tau website instead.

You'll only receive an email, Voter ID, and Voter key if you are a representative at Hui-ā-Tau. Observers are not entitled to vote.


Once logged in, select your preferred candidate and click Submit Vote.


If you are happy with your vote, click Yes. If you'd like to change your vote, click Cancel and select a new candidate.

Once you click Yes, you are unable to change your vote.

You'll have five minutes to make your vote. Please make sure you have access to your emails before voting begins.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to register for Hui-ā-Tau?

Āe. You need to be registered by your Branch, Aronui Tōmua, or Komiti Pasifika to attend Hui-ā-Tau as a Representative or Observer.

As an NZEI Te Riu Roa member, you are welcome to register for any session in the Tahia te Marae webinar series.


Do I need a password?

Āe. Hui-ā-Tau is protected with a password.

Please log in using the same email used to register you for the meeting. The password is in the email along with the webinar link.


Is Hui-ā-Tau being recorded to watch later?

Kāo. Hui-ā-Tau is not being recorded for watching later.


I have not received a confirmation of my registration

Confirmation for attending Hui-ā-Tau, along with links to access the meeting, have been sent.

If you have not received your link, please contact Kate Wilson.


I'm being asked for credit card details?

Hui-ā-Tau is free to attend online. NZEI Te Riu Roa will not ask for your credit card details to access the meeting. Please use the link emailed to you by Zoom to join the meeting.


Accessing Hui-ā-Tau

The hui isn't showing

Does the screen say, "Waiting for the host to start this webinar?" If so, Hui-ā-Tau hasn't started yet. Hold tight and the meeting will start soon.

Otherwise, try leaving the webinar and joining again.


I can't log into Hui-ā-Tau

Click the link you received in the confirmation email, along with the webinar password.

Log-in using the name and email used to register for Hui-ā-Tau.


Can I join on my phone or tablet?

Āe. However, you will need to download the Zoom app first to join via a phone or tablet.


Do I need to download Zoom on my computer?

Kāo. When you click the link, Zoom will open in your browser window. There should be a link that says "join Zoom via browser". Click this button to access the hui in your web browser.


During Hui-ā-Tau

I can't hear people speaking?

You need to select the audio you'd like to use to join the hui.

  • In the bottom left corner, click 'join audio' and select computer audio (or phone audio if you are using a phone)
  • If you still can't hear, check your speakers are not muted. If you are using windows, this is in the bottom right corner.
  • If you still can't hear, try leaving the hui then joining again.


I need help during the webinar?

You can contact the hosts using the chat function.

Click on the chat button at the bottom of the screen, then type your comment.

If you have a specific question or concern, we'd suggest to chat directly to the hosts. You can choose this in the chat setting.


Can I speak to a resolution using chat or Q&A?

We'll only be providing technical support through the chat function. If you would like to speak to a resolution or ask a question from the floor of Hui-ā-Tau, please use the form to add your name to the speaking list.


Voting in the National Executive Election

My web browser won't open the ballot

  1. Make sure you're running the latest version of your web browser. You may need to update your web browser if you're using an out-of-date version. The election software works on the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  2. Borrow another person's device and login using your own Voter IDand Voter Key.


I don't have a Voter ID or Voter Key

If you're registered as a Representative, you'll receive an email to vote. This email is sent to the same email address used to register for Hui-ā-Tau.

If you're registered as an Observer, you're not entitled to vote and therefore won't receive an email.


My Voter ID or Voter Key doesn't work

Make sure you have entered your Voter ID and Voter Key correctly. Your voter details are case-sensitive


I got an error message: “The provided Voter ID and Voter Key do not exist. Please try again.”

Make sure you have entered your Voter ID and Voter Key correctly. Your voter details are case-sensitive


I got an error message: “You have already voted in this election.”

This error means you have already voted in the election.

If you haven't voted, it means your Voter ID and Voter Key has been compromised.


I got an error message: “Voting for this election has closed.”

The election closes five minutes after voting opens. If voting has closed, you are unable to vote. If the election is still going, check you are clicking on the correct election link


I got an error message: “This election has not started yet. Please try again later.”

Voting will only open once announced in Hui-ā-Tau. If voting is open:

  1. Refresh the page to reload the ballot
  2. Check you have clicked the correct voting link


I got an error message: "Error Validating Token"

This error occurs when you have two voting windows open at once.

  1. Close your browser window and login again using your Voter ID and Voter Key
  2. If voting from the email, ensure you have only clicked the email link once