Annual Meeting Representative and Observer Entitlements for 2020

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Section 52 Composition of Institute Meetings of the NZEI Te Riu Roa Rules determines who can attend Annual Meeting

The following people are entitled to attend, speak and vote at the Institute's Annual meeting:

  • all members of the National Executive and Te Reo Areare
  • Branch representatives
  • Area Council Chairpersons or representatives elected in their place
  • two representatives from each Area Council that has provisional member
  • at the sole discretion of the President, a maximum of 10 other members
    (other than honorary or life members) who are appointed national or
    regional leaders and who have exhausted all other means of being elected
    or appointed to attend annual meeting

For the Institute's annual meeting, Branches are entitled to one representative for every 95 full-time-equivalent members that they have. Branches with fewer than 95 full-time-equivalent members are entitled to one representative.