Sunday 3 October

12.30pmWebinar opens
Use this opportunity to check your technology set up. If you need help, check out these useful tips.
12.45pmMeet National Executive and Te Reo Areare members
Learn how the meeting will be chaired
1.00pmMihi Whakatau
Followed by Kapu Tī
Pūrongo-ā-Tau|Annual Report
View Pūrongo-ā-Tau (PDF 10MB)
Resolution 1- Howick Branch
That Section 16.2 of the Rules of the New Zealand Educational Institute (Inc) be amended
View the resolution (PDF 795KB)
Resolution 2- National Executive
Incorporated Society related rule changes
View the resolution (PDF 955KB)
Resolution 3 - National Executive
Removal of the Provident Fund
View the resolution (PDF 1MB)
Resolution 4 - National Executive
En Bloc 9 administrative rule changes
View the resolution (PDF 4MB)
Announce 2021 Scholarship recipients and NZEI Te Riu Roa grades of membership Awards
4.00 pmClose of Day 1

Monday 4 October

9.30amDay begins
National President and National Secretary speak
10.00amEarly Childhood Education session
Padlet for ECE session
11.30amNgā Aukaha
Padlet for Ngā Aukaha session
2.00pmSchools session
Padlet for Schools session

Add your name to the speaking list

How to use the speaking list

Please do not add your name to the speaking list until directed by the National President. Any names added before the instruction from the President will not be counted.


If you want to speak, please remember:

If you are part of a group watching Hui-ā-Tau, remove yourself into a quiet room before you move to panelist otherwise there will be audio feedback when you begin talking.