Your role at Annual Conference

Annual Conference is the most important gathering of NZEI Te Riu Roa leaders.

This year for Annual Conference, the theme is Ko koe, ko au, ko au, ko koe. As an outcome of this conference, we want every member in NZEI Te Riu Roa to be a part of a systemic shift in the way that we fund public education in this country.  Our collective agreements highlight that we have a range of issues that need to be addressed but are all connected by issues of under resourcing and a lack of staffing.

At Annual Conference, over 400 leaders from all across Aotearoa New Zealand will:

  • shape the policy and direction of NZEI Te Riu Roa in the Annual Meeting sessions
  • explore the challenges and opportunities of being inclusive.
  • strategise and plan the pathway forward to overcome these challenges and make the most of opportunities, and
  • put these plans into action to make a real difference in people's lives.

Your Area Council or Branch will also brief you on your role and responsibilities before Annual Conference.

Guide to Accounting

There is financial support available for members attending Annual Conference.  You can request a cash advance which can be used for meals so you are not out-of-pocket for the event.  See below for important dates regarding this allowance.  You can find out further information in the Guide To Accounting for Annual Conference, linked blow.

Important Financial Dates

13 August - Cash advances for Annual Conference can be requested

13 September - Final date for cash advance forms to be received by the finance team

27 September - Cash advances paid to members

3 October - Online expense claim form available to complete

19 October - Final date to complete online expense claim form


Form A: Cash Advance Request
The due date for submission is 13 September 2021

The payment date is 27 September 2021


Form B: Annual Conference Expense Claim
The due date for submission is 19 October 2021

Payment will be made within 2 weeks of receiving the claim

Leave from Annual Conference

It is expected that representatives attend the whole of Annual Conference. Sometimes, however, there are reasons why you may need leave from Annual Conference.

There are formal procedures to be followed when you apply for leave from the Annual Conference and all requests must go before the National President.

Closer to the time we will have a form available to request leave from conference.  Once you complete the form we will be in touch to discuss the request.