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Viewing Hui-ā-Tau


Hui-ā-Tau is hosted as a webinar using Zoom.

If you are using a laptop or computer, you can use your web browser or the Zoom App to access Hui-ā-Tau.

If you are using a mobile phone or tablet, download the Zoom App for Mobile to access Hui-ā-Tau.

To assess quorum for the meeting and for voting on resolutions, be logged into Zoom on your own device for Hui-ā-Tau.


If it's your first time attending a Zoom Webinar - Zoom has prepared a helpful resource you can use.

Voting on resolutions

Voting on resolutions will happen via Zoom Poll. To vote, be logged in to Zoom on your own device using the same email address that you registered for Hui-ā-Tau.

When the motion is put, the Zoom Poll will appear on the screen. You'll have 1 minute to vote before the poll closes.

If the Zoom Poll is challenged or is too close to call, the vote will be repeated using Election Runner. In this case, you'll be emailed a voting log-in and password to vote again on a different platform.

As a comparison, the Zoom Poll is the equivalent of voting by raising your speaker number at in-person Hui-ā-Tau. Election runner is the equivalent of a paper vote.

Adding your name to the speaking list

During Hui-ā-Tau, the chairperson will open the speaking list. The speaking list is your opportunity to speak to Annual Meeting by asking a question or sharing your thoughts.

If you'd like to speak, complete the form on the Annual Meeting website when the chairperson opens the speaking list. Select your name and whether you'd like to speak for or against a resolution. To ensure a balanced debate, the chairperson will choose a range of perspectives to speak.


If called to speak by the chairperson, you'll be invited to become a Zoom Panelist so that you can be seen and heard. When called to speak:

  • You'll see a notification on your Zoom asking you to become a Panellist
  • Turn on your camera and microphone
  • The chairperson will then invite you to speak
  • Once you have spoken, your camera and microphone will be switched off.


Please make sure your Zoom name matches your name, so that we can easily find you when asking you to become a Panellist. You might choose to add your Branch, Aronui Tōmua, Komiti Pasifika, iwi affiliation, and/or preferred pronouns to your Zoom name too.


We'll soon release more information about how you can further engage in the meeting, such as raising a point of order, challenging the chairperson's ruling, making a motion that the question be put, making a motion to proceed to the next order of business, or proposing a new motion or amendment.