National Leadership Groups (NLGs)

National Leadership Group Representatives

A National Leadership Group representative (NLG rep) is a sector representative on an Area Council. There is one representative for primary teachers, principals, early childhood teachers, and support staff per Area Council. NLG reps are active members in their Area Council.

NLG reps provide a link between sector-specific work at a national level and the closer-to-home organising work at a regional level. Several times a year, NLG reps attend National Leadership Group meetings where they share their expertise and work with other NLG representatives on the main challenges in education and the main challenges for their sector. NLG reps then take these discussions and actions back to the local members in their Area Council region.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Induction Training

We run induction training for all newly elected NLG Representatives.

Representatives will be invited to their nearest induction training once their appointment is confirmed by the National President.